Mandatory Real Estate CE and Pre-Licensing Courses

Real Estate Agent Continuing Education and Pre-Licensing Courses

A Real Estate Career is a state licensed profession that requires pre-licensing courses to embark in the real estate industry, and continuing education courses are also needed to pass the MCE (Mandatory Continuing Education) exams that each State will periodically require. With the training and continued learning a realty professional needs, on-line real estate courses specifically tailored to the State you live for both pre-licensing and MCE continued learning has become the preferred method of teaching. The reason on-line realty classes are so appealing is because of the tremendous flexibility on-line training can provide. Whether you decide to take your course quickly or work at your own pace, INeedMyCE courses are tailored for the State you reside in and will more than equip you with the knowledge needed to successfully pass your State’s real estate exam or MCE exams your state requires.

Our award winning on-line education classes for the real estate industry covers the entire array of continuing education & pre-licensing examination preparation you will need. From appraisal classes to sales agent training, our licensing courses have received distance learning certification from the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (A.R.E.L.L.O) and have also been accredited by real estate governing bodies nationwide.