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How Tos


How Tos

This page includes serveral "How To" documents that will help guide you through the processes listed below. These "How To" documents can also be found in the Downloads section in PDF format.

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How do I Order Courses?

  • Go to
  • Click on “Other Programs” link in the top Menu
  • Click on the Industry you are in
  • Click on the state you’re in if applicable
  • The next page will show you the courses that are approved for your state
  • To order, simply click on the “online” box of the course(s) you want to order
  • Click “Add to Cart
  • When the next page comes up, click “Checkout and Proceed
  • Then start entering your information. The page after this will be your payment page and then just proceed with the registration. Once you’ve finished, you’ll have immediate access to the course(s) you’ve ordered.
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  • How do I Log In and Work on Course(s)

    • Go to
    • In the right hand corner of the page, type your e-mail address and password in the Login Form.
    • Scroll down and you’ll see the courses you’ve registered for. To start/continue working on the courses, simply click on the course title, and the player will automatically start.
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  • How can I see how much of the course I've completed?

    • To see how much of the course you’ve completed, when the player is up and running, in the bottom left hand corner, click the “My Training” button. When the next page comes up, click the “Outline” tab at the top. This will show what you’ve completed and how much farther you have to go.
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