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Did you know Excel can do this?

Excel 2007

Microsoft Excel has so many features and it can do so much, that sometimes it is hard to know where to start. We have compiled a few tricks and shortcuts that may make your life easier when dealing with Excel Spreadsheets.

  1. Hide the Ribbon in Excel 2007
    In Excel 2007 the 'Ribbon', which has replaced the menus and toolbars found in earlier versions of Excel, can quickly be hidden to give you more room to work in your spreadsheet.

    To Hide the Ribbon Commands:
    - Double click on one of the ribbon tabs - such as Home, Insert, or Page Layout
    - OR, Press the CTRL + F1 keys on the keyboard.
      Only the tabs will be left showing above your spreadsheet.

    To Show the Ribbon Commands Again:
    - Click on one of the ribbon tabs - such as Home, Insert, or Page Layout
    - OR, Press the CTRL + F1 keys on the keyboard a second time.

  2. Quickly Add Color to your tables
    Conditional formatting enables you to highlight cells with a certain color, fonts, sizes, bold, underline, etc., depending on the cell's value.

    For example, highlighting positive values with a green background color, and negative values with red.

    The conditional formatting stays with the cell, and changes dynamically depending on the cell's value. Once set, it's automatic.

    To apply Conditional Formatting:
    - Select or Highlight cells with values in them
    - On the Ribbon, go to the Home tab and click 'Conditional Formatting'
    - Use the default highlighting options or click on New Rule
    - Default options are applied when selected or you can customize your colors if New Rule is selected.

  3. Remove duplicates from a spreadsheet
    Removing Duplicates is now easier than ever!

    To quickly identify the duplicates in a spreadsheet, use the Conditional Formatting mentioned above to Highlight Cells that have Duplicate values

    To remove the duplicates:
    - Select a cell in your data set
    - From the Data ribbon, choose Remove Duplicates
    - The Remove Duplicates dialog will give you a list of columns. Choose the columns which should be considered, then click OK.

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