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New York Insurance CEIn the Big Apple, New York Insurance Agents are required by the New York State Insurance Department in Albany to complete 15 CE hours every 2 years for each line of license they hold. New York Insurance Agents from Manhatten to Buffalo are allowed to take Classroom courses as well as Self-Study courses as long as they have a final exam.

Additional New York Insurance Continuing Education Requirements:

  • Flood - Three hours of Flood courses are required if the Insurance Agent sells flood insurance in New York State.
  • LTC/P - If the Insurance Agent sell or solicits Long Term Care Policies they are required to complete an initial 8 hours of a LTC training course followed by 4 hours of LTC training every 2 years thereafter.
  • Producers are not allowed to repeat courses
  • Self-Study Courses must be proctored by a New York State Approved Monitor.

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