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Alaska Insurance CEThe Division of Insurance of the Alaska Department of Community & Economic Development of the largest state in the United States requires 24 insurance continuing education hours every 2 years before your license renewal date. The Alaska Insurance Division in Juneau will send a renewal form to the insurance agent 60 days before the renewal date. Out of the 24 hours required by Alaska 16 of those hours must be taken in the lines for your license type.

Additional Alaska Insurance Continuing Education Requirements:

  • Classroom, Electronic, or Self-Study courses will count towards Alaska Insurance CE. Self-Study Final exams do NOT have to be monitored.
  • No more than 8 hours may be carried over to the next reporting period for Insurance License renewal
  • Courses repeated in the same renewal period are not counted towards your renewal.

You are exempt from Alaska Insurance Continuing Education Courses if you held your license prior to January 1, 1980. You are also exempt if you hold are retired, have a travel license, or a temporary or limited lines license.

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