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Florida Cosmetology Exam PrepCosmetology Continuing Education is required in the state of Florida in order to maintain your Cosmetology License. All licensed cosmetologist and registered specialist shall complete a minimum of 16 hours of Cosmetology CE that includes the following subjects as they relate to Florida Cosmetology:

  • 2 hours - Cosmeology CE regaurding HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases.
  • 3 hours - Sanitation and Sterilization for Cosmetologists
  • 1 hour - Health Administration and Occupational Safety for Cosmetologists
  • 1 hour - Workers Comp as it pertains to Florida Law
  • 2 hours - State and federal laws regaurding as they pertain to salons, cosmetology, cosmetologist, specialists, booth renters, and spcialty salons.
  • 2 hours - chmical makeup as it pertains to hair, skin, and nails.
  • 1 hour - instruction regarding environmental issues
  • 4 hours - any other approved courses approved by the State of Florida for the purpose of Cosmetology Continuing Education

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